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There are FLOWERS hidden all over our site on every page on every single page. Look around on any page for a one and when you find it give it a click. This will display the message inside & let you know if you have won or not. If you find a WINNING Message - you will know, there will be a form to fill out! If you see a SORRY message you need to keep looking. Not all of the FLOWERS contain prizes. Luck plays a huge part in who will find a winning flower. Hunting smart is the way to play & patience is the name of the game. Each page on WomanFreebies.com & WomenFreebies.ca will have the same odds of winning. When you see the sorry message, click the link this will take you to a new page. Please don't just keep refreshing the same page over and over! Remember - having too many windows open will cause your FLOWERS to load slowly and decrease your chances to win. You must open the FLOWERS on the blog for the Country you reside in. Canadian wins on the US site will not be honored. US wins on the Canadian site will not be honored either. We've made it convenient for you - open the FLOWERS on any browser and even on our mobile site. The FLOWERS should appear almost immediately, simply scroll and find it. They can be anywhere on the page so have a look around! This will give you some time to read through our posts and take advantage of the great coupons, freebies, giveaways and deals. A lot of people have reported winning the contests they entered while hunting during our annual Hunts so make sure to get in if you'd like to win. You can win one main prize and one gift card per household, per calendar day.

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Tosca Classic Shoulder Handbag

Spring Blooms Gift Set

Mom and Baby Turtle Silver Necklace

Heritage Series Stand Mixer

Cake Boss Bowl Set

Lug Aerial Cross Body Bag

HP Chromebook 14"