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10 Uses for Coconut Oil You Never Imagined

1. Deep Conditioner
Slap some of this lekker smelling oil on your hair, and let it sit while covering your hair with a shower cap or towel for as long as possible, ideally and hour. Shampoo and condition your hair as usual, and enjoy incredibly soft locks.

2. Lip Gloss/ Lip Balm
Just scoop up some coconut oil and apply it directly to your lips for incredible moisture and sun protection for your lips! A small amount goes a long way.
*Pro Tip: Buy cheap contact lens cases to put your oil in for a portable coconut oil lip balm!

3. Deodorant
I know, it sounds strange, but trust me it works! Just apply a small amount to your underarms, and not only will you smell deliciously tropical, you’ll also notice NO SMELL all day! If you feel particularly adventurous, you can a few more natural products to personalize your SUPER CHEAP deo!

4. Sunscreen
Don’t be fooled, where there is sun, you need protection, even in the winter. Coconut oil has no unpronounceable ingredients so put some on you’re exposed and enjoy a lifetime of healthy skin. But remember to also shield yourelf from the sun as often as possible!

5. Skin Moisturizer
This is my favourite, especially when mixed with other essential oils like Jojoba and Shea Butter. Coconut oil on it own is still amazing for smelling great and keeping your skin feeling luxurious, all you have to do is use it like normal moisturizer. I would recommend *cautiously* using it on your face as it reacts differently to different people!

6. Shaving Cream
For smooth, soft skin rub a small amount of coconut oil on your legs, underarms and wherever else you’d like to get rid of hair. Gently shave the area using a razor for a close, bump free shave! Be careful, oil does make the bath a little slippery, so watch your step!

7. Make-Up Remover
Smear it all over a dry face. Massage it into your eyes if you’ve got thick eye makeup on. Next, remove it – and your makeup, just grab a pad and wipe everything off, Then rinse your face with water.

8. Cuticle Oil
simply rubbing a small amount of coconut oil into the cuticles will help with moisturising and conditioning, as well as revitalising rough, ragged cuticles and helping soothe painful hangnails and torn cuticles.

9. Stretch Marks
One of the great benefits of coconut oil is that compared to some other homemade treatments, this oil can absorb a bit deeper, so the chances of it having a positive effect on your stretch marks is much much higher. This makes it a decent prevention and removal product for stretch marks.

10. Nappy Cream
Coconut oil contains antimicrobial, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and antifungal properties that help to promote the healing by soothing the baby’s delicate skin. You can either rub it straight onto your bokkies bum, or mis it with other essential oils and natural ingredients for a home made nappy cream.