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Get Inspired by these Creative Gardening Ideas

Have you ever seen the movie The Secret Garden? I’ve never wanted a beautiful garden so much. Believe it or not, you can create a beautiful garden that’s extraordinary just by adding some creative touches. Since the time for planting has arrived, you might as well make a plan. Will you have a veggie garden in the yard, a herb garden on the window sill, or a fragrant bed of flowers? Kick start your gardening hobby with one of these creative ideas!

1. Overflowing Wildflowers

Most flower gardens are confined to small spaces within an actually garden. Who says you have to do that? Give your garden a wild and rustic look by placing a vase or flower pot on it’s side in the grass. Plant the flowers in the lawn as if they were “flowing” from the pot. Simply gorgeous!


How many of us wait until that special someone comes into our life to enjoy fun hobbies, beautiful clothing, and quality time spent with a good book? Don’t wait for that bouquet of flowers to arrive! Grow your own garden. Explore. Dream. Discover.


2. Fairy-Lit Paradise

So, you like to spend your summer evenings lounging in your garden? Why not set up a dinner party illuminated by hundreds of white fairy lights? It might take a bit of work to string them up on tree branches or wrap them around posts, but it will be well worth it. Your garden will be the talk of the town!


Credit: The Garden Glove

3. Chic Indoor Herb Garden

For those of you who don’t have backyard space for a real garden, you can easily grow your favourite flowers and plants in a planter or flower pot. If you don’t have either of those handy, a random selection of glass jars will do just fine. This is one of the cutest indoor herb gardens I’ve ever seen!


Credit: Make It & Love It

4. Mad Tea Party

Let’s face it: we all have a huge collection of teacups and mugs. Don’t get rid of them! You can adorn your garden with a hodgepodge of delicate stoneware, china, and ceramic. All you need to do is tie twine, cord, or string to an overhanging tree branch and fasten the teacups by the handles.


Credit: Your House & Garden

5. Homemade Tin-Man Who Found His Heart

Have you seen The Wizard of Oz? I just about melted when I saw this little guy. On first glance, he looks store-bought, but you can easily make this decoration at home with recycled cans, a funnel, and some paint. Make a heart necklace using a chain, and glue fake gemstones to a heart-shaped mirror for the pendant. Aww!


Credit: Living Locurto

6. Rustic Garden Swing

Ahh…this brings back the memories. Have you ever enjoyed a lazy day on a comfy garden swing or hammock? Never mind the folding chairs – an old-fashioned swing is the perfect seating for a unique and welcoming garden space. You might want to have an awning for added shade, and don’t forget to grow some vines to complete the picture-perfect look.


7. Whimsical Horseshoe Fairy Door

Forget the garden gnomes. A few tiny details will make your flower garden really stand out. If you have a tree growing out of one of your flower beds, here’s what to do. Make a fairy door out of an old horseshoe and lean it against the trunk as if it was a mysterious gateway to another land! Continue to get the full tutorial.


Credit: Our Fairfield Home & Garden

8. Boiling Cauldron Pot

This is, by far, the most genius gardening idea I’ve ever seen. Using the right flowers, some rocks, an old bucket, and some branches, you can re-create the “boiling cauldron pot” in your yard, garden, or patio. In the photo, they used Scarlet Sage to look like flames, but you can easily substitute for another plant with fiery red or orange blooms.


Credit: Thrifty Mama

9. Relaxing Backyard Escape

Although you’d like to, you can’t go on a holiday every day. Regardless, you can escape the hustle and bustle of your life and unwind in a cosy little garden refuge! Make sure there’s lots of plants and trees around to shade it from the sun. When it comes to what kind of “holiday house” you want, the options are endless. You could have a tree house, a pretty little shed, or a tent!


Credit: Apartment Therapy

10. Road Signs

If you’re even close to being as nerdy as I am, you’ll want to try this whimsical addition to your garden. While you might need the help of a carpenter to get everything just right, you can always use a saw and careful painting to create a sign post right out of your dreams. Haven’t you always wanted to go to Narnia, the Shire, or Hogwarts?


Credit: Litstack