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New Ways to Eat Healthier this Year

Snack on Frozen Grapes Instead of Candy

Hands up, all you Netflix lovers. Chances are you like snack on potato crisps and candy while watching your favourite shows. Give yourself a slap on the wrist and try freezing a bunch of grapes. You won’t believe it, but frozen grapes taste an awful lot like candy, and it’s a super healthy snack to have when the munchies strike. I know you’re raising your eyebrows right now, but don’t knock it until you try it!


Speaking of alternative, healthy snack options, try out these recipes for Avocado Fries and Apple Chips!

Make Soft Serve Ice Cream with Bananas

While we’re still on the subject of frozen fruit, did you know you can make “nice” cream (a healthy & delicious form of ice cream) out of bananas? You’ll need a blender, frozen bananas, vanilla almond milk, vanilla extract, and cinnamon. You can even add a few sprinkles of sugar and no one will know! You’ll be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to make this recipe!


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Use Applesauce in Recipes Instead of Oil or Butter

It’s no secret that the amount of butter and sugar added to baking is nothing short of scandalous. The good news is you don’t have to give up desserts forever to stay healthy. A quick rule of thumb: substitute half the amount of butter or oil in a recipe for applesauce! So if you have one measurement of butter, split it in half and use half for butter and half for applesauce. The texture of your cookies, muffins, and loaf breads will be the same, but they’ll have a light apple flavour!


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Substitute Pasta for Spaghetti Squash Noodles

Is a big dish of pasta your guilty pleasure? I’d like to introduce you to my friend, spaghetti squash. This amazing winter vegetable mimics the texture and taste of noodles. All you need to do is cut it lengthwise, roast it in the oven for 35 minutes, and scrape out the long, strand-like “noodles” with a fork. You can add olive oil, minced garlic, and marinara or bolognese sauce to achieve a perfect pasta-free dish that’s high in nutrients and fibre!

Get the full tutorial here.


Substitute Yogurt for Sour Cream

Did you know that the majority of creamy salad dressings and veggie dips have sour cream in them? That’s a lot of calories. Plain Greek yogurt can be used instead to cut the calories and fat. Plus, it’s higher in protein! The next time you have mashed potatoes, try it out! The flavour isn’t that different, and you can enjoy one of your favourite foods without the guilt.

Get the recipe for a Greek Yogurt Ranch Veggie Dip here.


Drink Water in Between Meals

I know. The last thing you want to be told is drink more water. Coffee tastes better! Water is so bland! We hear you. While the daily 6-8 glasses recommendation might be unreasonable for some, you can definitely try and develop the habit of sipping on water while on the go. Start by investing in a cute water bottle you can toss in your shoulder bag or cup holder in your car. We love this Brita Fill & Go Water Bottle from Debenhams!

Fun fact: Don’t drink water with or directly after meals. The added liquids move food through your digestive system more quickly, not allowing your body to absorb nutrition very well.