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13 Genius Packing Hacks for Your Next Vacation

Every season is appropriate for a vacation. In fact, I chose to take mine in the autumn rather than the summer. This time, I can’t pack my usual 3 suitcases, so that means a lot of downsizing. It can be done! Here are a few neat packing tips I came across while searching for the best way to pack a carry-on for 2 weeks of travel.

1. Place plastic wrap over the openings of bottles before re-capping

Have you ever had a bottle of shampoo leak all over your luggage? It’s not fun. Keep everything tightly sealed with a square of plastic wrap just under the cap.


2. Fill old contact lens cases with makeup

Save space in your suitcase by leaving your foundation or lotion bottle at home and squeezing just a little bit of product into contact lens holders you’re no longer using.

Image Credit: Travel Perks

3. Put a cotton ball or pad in your makeup compacts to prevent breaking

All it takes is for you to drop your carry-on once, and BOOM! Your powder, blush, or bronzer breaks into a thousand pieces. Keep everything where it should be with a cotton ball or pad.

Image Credit: Cosmo

4. Use saucepan holders or oven mitts to pack heat styling tools

I’m always deathly afraid of packing my hair straightener, because it retains heat and the last thing I need is a fire in my suitcase. Keep everything compact and heat-proof with a pot holder.

Image Credit: Creative Juices

5. Put money or valuables inside empty lip balm containers

Nobody will ever think to look there! Don’t toss your empty lip balm tubes in the trash once you’re done with them. Fill them up with emergency cash, earrings, or other valuables.


6. Use a binder clip to protect razor blades

Yes, office supplies come in handy while trying to pack the perfect suitcase. Slide a binder clip over the sharp part of your razor to keep it from scratching and slicing other items.

Image Credit: Wimp

7. Use a pill box to store jewellery

You never, never want to be in a mad panic to find a matching earring in your luggage while on vacation. Keep rings, earrings, and bracelets within reach by storing them in a pill box.

Image Credit: Cosmo

8. Fasten stud earrings to large buttons

A great way to keep earring pairs together for the duration of your plane, train, or automobile trip is to poke them through button holes and fasten the backings. No more lost stud earrings!

Image Credit: Cosmo

9. Thread necklaces through drinking straws

Have you ever spent 5 minutes untangling a knotted necklace? If you’re packing a necklace, thread one side through a straw before fastening the clasp. The result: No more tangles.

Image Credit: Gem Magazine

10. Make a lanyard with mini toiletries attached

This one is great for camping. Keep mini bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel within easy reach in the camp or hotel shower by hanging the loop on the shower head!

Image Credit: DIY Crafts Now

11. Put dryer sheets between layers of clothing in your suitcase

Keep your suitcase smelling fresh throughout your whole vacation by simply slipping in a scented dryer sheet or two. It will keep that nasty musty smell at bay.

Image Credit: Blonde Well Traveled

12. Roll your outfits into one easy-grab bundle

Ahh…the struggle of picking out the perfect outfit while on vacation. Pack everything beforehand into skivvy rolls by rolling up a shirt, underwear, bra, pair of pants, and socks.

Image Credit: OuterSports

13. Pack your shoes in a shower cap

Many hotels have complimentary shower caps in the bathrooms, so why not put them to good use? Place an extra pair of shoes inside to keep dust, dirt, and bad smells off your clothing.

Image Credit: Pandatrot


Main Image Credit: Take One Girl and a Camera Too