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Try this to Save £100s Every Year at the Supermarket

Small changes in the way we spend money at the supermarket can have a HUGE impact on how we save. An impulse buy of a chocolate bar may only cost you £1.00, but if you do it several times a month, it can add up to double digits in no time. Since you have to eat every day for the rest of your life, now’s a good time to discover some saving shortcuts when heading to the supermarket.

1. Plan the Week’s Menu Beforehand

Every Friday or Saturday, sit down with your laptop and phone to select recipes and make a list of what you need to buy for the ingredients. I like to use Pinterest for my recipe search, because many of the recipes are tried-and-true. Fill out a checklist on your phone and buy only the items on it to keep your spending on-track.


2. Check Out Sales Before Leaving the House

Pay attention to ads, sale notifications, and flyers before you set foot in the store. You’ll also want to visit the supermarket online to find this week’s deals. If veggies are on sale this week, consider making a batch of homemade soup. The fancy pork tenderloin recipe you were going to make can wait until meat goes on sale.

3. Compare Prices Using a Smartphone App

No, you don’t have to visit every supermarket to find out who has the best price for butter. Download the mySupermarket app – it compares prices from 13 different supermarkets to get you the best deal. Also, Tesco refunds a portion of your bill if their prices are higher than other supermarkets. See store for details.


4. Get Cashback and Use Coupons for Your Groceries

You can become a Coupon Queen! Keep your eye out for downloadable and printable coupons – we post the good ones on WomenFreebies. Redeem at the checkout, and you can save anywhere from 50p to £5.00 or more! Also, download a smartphone cashback app and upload a pic of your receipt to get cashback on selected items.

5. Buy Store Brands Instead of Name Brands

Did you know stores tend to stock shelves with the pricey items at eye level? So sneaky! Next time you reach for that name-brand bag of oatmeal, stop yourself and ask if you’re buying it out of habit. There’s probably a cheaper pack on a lower shelf that’s just as good, only the company didn’t spend big money on fancy packaging.

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6. Sign Up for a Store’s Rewards Program

Which supermarket do you prefer? We all like location, layout, and prices of one store more than another, so determine which you visit most often and become a member of their loyalty club to get free stuff. For example, with the Tesco ClubCard, you can earn vouchers towards activities and points towards free groceries!

7. Shop in the Evening Instead of During the Day

As a former supermarket employee, I can tell you there are a lot of food items that get price reductions 1-2 hours before the store closes. This is especially true for produce and pre-made foods. Drop by right before close to pick up a quick snack at half the price, or get tomorrow’s salad ingredients for a fraction of the cost.