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5 Staycations for Londoners Who Want to Skip Travel

Every passing week brings another round of dreamy vacation pics on social media, gushing co-workers in the lunch room, and stories of relaxing time-off. Maybe you took your summer vacation early, and are eager for another one. Or, perhaps you are bitterly awaiting a holiday that’s still several months away. Good news! You don’t have to go far from home to get some R&R. Skip the expensive plane trip, and try one of these fun staycations!

1. Rent a rustic cottage in Kent

No airfare needed for this Airbnb. Leave the city for the weekend and relax in a rural thatched cottage or country riverside cottage in Kent.


2. Go on a Painting Retreat

You’ll need a little extra cash for this one, but if you’re an aspiring or beginner painter, boost your skills with an Art Retreat. Accommodations, professional tutors, and food are included.


Image Credit: The Guardian

3. Make a Blanket Fort and Have Family Movie Night

Don’t have time to leave the house? If you have blankets, pillows, and chairs, you can make a tent in your own living room. Need some inspiration? Try one of these 15 blanket forts!


4. Enjoy a Reading Getaway

Have you ever dreamed of reading a pile of books in one week? The School of Life is offering reading retreats with personalised book selections. Get more info here!


Image Credit: The Telegraph

5. Camp in a Tranquil Campsite

Most family campsites are teeming with people, and you want to get away from busyness. Settle down in a riverside cabin or put up your tent in a peaceful green field at Gwalia Farm.


Image Credit: Go Glamping