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Get a Supermarket App if You Want to Save More Money

No matter who you are or what your lifestyle, you will find yourself at the supermarket at some point. We all need food, and chances are, the place where you’ll spend the most money over your lifetime is the grocery store. Now is the time to discover creative ways to save! Simple ways include:

1. Sticking to a budget
2. Checking the week’s in-store deals
3. Buying only on-sale items
4. Making a meal menu
5. Buying items for the menu only
6. Redeeming money-off or free coupons at the checkout

Fortunately, with the arrival of smartphones, a whole new way to save has begun. Using cashback apps, you can save money after you finish your grocery shop. The idea is, you download the app, browse and select your offers, buy your groceries in-store, scan or snap a pic of your receipt, upload it to the app, and they send you cashback. Keelie from Cornwall said, “I only started doing CheckoutSmart 8 weeks ago and my account balance today is £63.98 for uploading a few receipts.”

Browse through our list of money-saving and cashback apps to discover which one is best for you. Don’t worry, if you don’t have a smartphone, you can sign up online using your tablet, laptop, or desktop.


Clean, straightforward, and easy to use, CheckoutSmart is a number one choice when it comes to supermarket-savings apps. You can get discounts on items you usually shop for, get cashback for your purchases, and get full-size free samples! Start by signing up or downloading the app, then find the rewards you want. Head to the supermarket and keep your receipt, because they’ll want to see it. Upload, and you’ll get a direct deposit to your bank or PayPal account!


Download the app!


TopCashback is known as the UK’s most generous cashback website, and you can download their Snap & Save app to save even more! You have the option to shop in-store or online to redeem your cash rewards, plus you can get printable vouchers. Check back every week to browse through updated offers on the app, upload your receipts, and you can get cashback within a week. The app also uses your current location settings to make shopping easier and help you find the nearest stores!


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Quidco ClickSnap

Using the Quidco ClickSnap app, you can shop online by checking your offers and adding those featured items to your trolley. Find the ones you need – none of this buying something just because it’s a good deal. The second option is to go directly to your local supermarket store and ensure that you upload any receipts to the ClickSnap app within a week. After it’s been approved, your cashback with go straight to your Quidco account. Participating supermarkets include: Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Tesco, ASDA, Ocado, and Morrisons.


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The app that’s a little more fun! Download Shopitize, available for Apple and Android, to unlock your cash rewards. First, select what you want to buy, then answer a fun survey question or read a fun fact. Once you’ve done that, you can shop at participating supermarkets and scan the product bar codes as you go. Snap a photo of your whole receipt once you’re done, and send it off to get cashback! Examples of offers include: earn £1.20 on Young’s Gastro Fish Fillets, 50p on Kellogg’s Cornflakes cereal, and 40p on Napolina Pasta.


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Shopmium is a new app available in the UK. It operates primarily as a grocery cashback app, but you can also buy household and beauty supplies and get cashback for those as well. Don’t worry about having to buy the items at a participating store – you can choose where to buy it. Once you’ve bought an item, take a pic of the receipt and you’ll get a rebate with your cashback sent to your PayPal or bank account. Sign up and download the app using a friend’s referral code, and you can get a free Green & Blacks chocolate bar!

shopmium-app (1)

Download the app!


Last but not least, download mySupermarket if you want a multi-tasking app that will save you money a bunch of different ways. mySupermarket checks and compares prices on grocery items from 13 different supermarkets, so you can easily buy the one with the better price. Fill out their Quick Shopping List to instantly find the best deals at your local supermarket. You can also get special cashback offers on selected products in participating supermarkets, including Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Ocado and Aldi!


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