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You Won’t Believe How Valentine’s Day Came into Being

Do you remember mailing little Valentine notes to your friends when you were younger? 14 February was the day to celebrate love, whether it be with a partner, friends, or family.

Today, Valentine’s Day has turned into a massive consumer holiday, with people across the world buying flowers, candy, wine, and jewellery for their significant other. Pressure to be in a relationship runs high, and single people everywhere cringe at the approach of the dreaded day.

But did you know how it all got started?


Tradition tells us that Valentine was a priest who was imprisoned and martyred by the Roman Emperor Claudius II. During that time, the Emperor outlawed marriage for young Roman soldiers, because he thought love and family life deterred them from being better soldiers.

St. Valentine went behind the Emperor’s back and performed marriages in secret, until he was caught and put to death for defying Rome and adhering to the Christian faith.

It has been said that while in jail, St. Valentine signed one of his letters “From your Valentine,” thus beginning the custom of sending love notes.


After St. Valentine’s death, Christianity increased and the mid-February pagan fertility festival of Lupercalia was changed to St. Valentine’s Day.

Although St. Valentine himself had a sad ending, he fought for young couples and believed in their love for each other. Next time you pick up a bouquet of red roses for your lover, remember St. Valentine <3