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Gift Ideas: Make Your Own Bath Bombs

What do you get for the friend who has everything? A thoughtful, homemade speaks volumes on how much you care about a person, especially if it’s a gift as cute as this one! You could go out and spend lots of £££ on luxury bath products, or you could spend an afternoon making inexpensive gifts with a lot of love. Here’s my favourite Holiday-themed bath bomb recipes from Pinterest, so you can pick the one you like and get to work!

1. Handmade Peppermint Bath Bombs

After the first snowfall, it’s all about the peppermint. Use sweet almond oil and peppermint oil to create the unique scent of these bath bombs, and choose a cool mold you want to use. I recommend something simple, especially if this is your first attempt at bath bombs.


Credit: A Pumpkin & A Princess

2. Fizzy Cupcake Bath Bombs

By far, these little cupcake-shaped bath bombs are the most visually-appealing, and you can wrap them up in clear bags for added effect. You’ll need foil cupcake liners, coconut oil, and meringue powder for the icing on top. Imagine tossing one of these in a hot bath!


Credit: Made from Pinterest

3. DIY Non-Toxic Bath Fizzes

Did I mention that making bath bombs at home is better for you? Store-bought brands are usually packed full of preservatives and harsh chemicals, but making them at home guarantees they’ll be natural. A little essential oil will make you smell good, while the Epsom salts will relax your muscles and nourish your skin.


Credit: Sugar and Charm

4. Citrus Bath Bombs

Giving these bath bombs is like giving the gift of relaxation, and with the proper mold, they can be adorable! Use an owl mold, citrus essential oil, citrus zest, and slices of orange or lemon to set this apart from the others. Don’t forget to pack the mixture tightly into the mold. Don’t you think this is a hoot?


Credit: Ela Gale

5. Midas Touch Bath Bombs

Do you know the fairy tale of King Midas, who turned everything he touched into gold? Make these magical and festive bath bombs out of the usual ingredients, except with a few additions like Champagne fragrance oil, cocoa butter, and King’s Gold Mica. They smell like mimosas and the gold powder will leave a light shimmer on your skin.


Credit: Soap Queen