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How to Get Kate Middleton’s Style

The Duchess of Cambridge has become a fashion icon because her sense of style is so classy. Her transformation over the years from a university kid to a gorgeous princess is complete, and even after having two babies, she’s looking better than ever. While we all can’t go around wearing big hats with fascinators, we can definitely borrow a few tips from Kate’s flawless wardrobe.

Embrace the Just-Above the Knee Hemline

First things first: Kate wears A LOT of dresses. Each one is unique and compliments her lovely, feminine figure, but most of them have one thing in common: a just-above-the-knee hemline. She has proven over and over again that this is the most flattering dress length for any woman. Keep it in mind for the next time you go dress shopping!


Get a Long Wool Coat

While you’re on the hunt for a new winter coat this year, take a few hints from Kate. We’d love to have a wardrobe of beautiful coats like she has! Take note: Kate is always wearing a knee-length wool coat of varying colours, often with a belt. I’m adding one to my shopping list!


Wear Your Hair Long or in a Low Updo

Classic Kate hair styling consists of a flawless blow-dried mane or pulled back into a low bun that looks similar to a Grecian updo. Try something new with your hair today and see the tutorial video below on how to do your hair just like Kate!

Take Your Pick: V-Necklines or High Necklines

Have you noticed? Kate is rarely seen without a v-necked shirt or dress, but when she is, it’s boat-necked. So clever. She knows a high-necked frock shows off her slender shoulders, while a plunging v-neckline shows off her beautiful neck. Let this be your guide when looking for a new top or dress.